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Our Lending Team

For Personal Assistance choosing the loan that’s best for you, contact one of our loan officers:

Judy Bowman
Assistant Vice President/Loan Officer
(540) 955-5222
NMLS #422095

Jason Corron
Mortgage Loan Officer
(540) 545-4924
NMLS #528142

Wendy Dunn
Vice President/ Financial Services Officer
(540) 431-0350
NMLS# 1163894

Angie Edwards
Assistant Vice President/Financial Services Officer
(540) 955-5249
NMLS #422099

Missy Emmons
Assistant Vice President/Financial Services Officer
(540) 535-0500
NMLS #422102

Bev Franks
Financial Services Manager
(540) 665-8142
NMLS #435335

Stephanie Funkhouser
Financial Services Officer
(540) 535-0752
NMLS #988291

Nan Havens
Vice President/ Financial Services Officer Cell
(571) 919-9290
NMLS# 472718

Bobby Herndon
Financial Services Officer (540) 662-7470
NMLS#: 1163900

Judith Jackson
Financial Services Manager (800) 650-8723
NMLS# 507055

Teresa Kinder
Assistant Vice President/Financial Services Officer
(540) 667-2293
NMLS #422109

Harry Leipfert
Vice President/ Financial Services Officer
(540) 665-8142
NMLS# 1149682

Mindy Loy
Assistant Vice President/Loan Officer
(540) 545-4929
NMLS #839778

Nancy McAlpine
Assistant Vice President/Mortgage Loan Officer
Direct: (703) 687-3274
NMLS #203190

Mary Liz McCauley
Vice President/Financial Services Officer
(540) 441-7639
NMLS #554326

Chris Miller
Assistant Vice President/ Loan Officer
(540) 545-4922
NMLS# 1035441

Debbie Schutt
Financial Services Manager
(540) 441-7639
NMLS #422116

Lisa Shifflett
Financial Services Manager
(540) 869-0077
NMLS #435334

Cynthia “Cindi” Trenary Assistant Vice President/Loan Officer (540) 545-4927
NMLS# 715636

Betty Weller
Assistant Vice President/Financial Services Officer
(540) 869-0077
NMLS #422117

Tim Wolfe
Vice President/Loan Officer
(540) 545-4925
(540) 955-2510
NMLS #422118

Lending Services

For over 125 years, Bank of Clarke County’s loan department has been turning dreams into realities. Whether it’s financing a car or adding an addition to your existing home, we offer a variety of lending solutions to fit your needs and your budget. Our lending options feature competitive rates enhanced by personalized service. Let our friendly, knowledgeable neighborhood loan professionals find the perfect, customized loan or line of credit that’s right for you.

We offer the following personal loan products:

Auto & Personal Loans
We offer short-term loans with competitive rates for the things you need—a dream vacation, a new car, or home improvements—you name it. Contact our loan department for rates and other information.

You can apply online by using the Form below:

Download the PDF Form and Print  (PDF/5.7MB)

Young couples, growing families, and empty-nesters have something in common: the need to finance the perfect home. Whether you're a first-time buyer or relocating for a job, buying a home can be complicated. We simplifiy home financing and refinancing by combining a variety of mortgage loan options with superior customer service and informative online mortgage tools.

You can get started now by visiting our Online Mortgage Center.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact a member of our lending team.

Home Equity Loans
Let the equity in your home work for you. Home Equity Loans are great ways to pay off high-interest credit cards, consolidate debt, improve the look of your home, or plan your daughter’s dream wedding. We offer no closing costs on Home Equity Lines of Credit if closed at the same time as 1st residential mortgage. You can also avoid closing costs by opening a Home Equity Line of Credit and leaving it open for a minimum of 3 years.

Personal Line of Credit
Personal Lines of Credit provide you with the cash you need for big purchases at rates competitive with most credit cards. As you need the funds, simply contact one of our loan representatives and they can transfer cash directly to your checking account. There are no application fees and no monthly payments until you use your credit line. We offer both secured and unsecured lines of credit.

Construction Loans
We offer construction loans to give you the flexibility you need during the home building process. Closing on this loan happens before construction begins, but interest does not accrue until the draw begins, usually over a period of time. After the construction of your home is complete, this loan can be converted to a standard mortgage. This one step application/closing process can save you both time and money. Construction loans are available in both fixed and adjustable rates over a range of terms.

































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